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    low back pain home remedies?

    • ANSWER:
      Walking really alleviates the pain of lower back problems. Also stretching your body for 15 minutes a day can help significantly.

    Lower back pain remedies?
    Hurt my lower back today, it aches, any ideas??

    • ANSWER:
      Ice for the next 2 days then heat packs, stretch your hamstrings as if they are tight they can pull on your back, by stretching the hamstrings it should help to relive some pain on your back.

    lower back pain can someone help?
    ok ever since i was about 15 years old i started getting back pain,i played just about every sport an worked out, i don't feel the pain everyday but every now an then i do if i lay on my stomach an arch my back up i feel it very bad it literally makes me stay still an not move the worse one i had was i bent over an when i came back up it knocked me to my knees an after all the pain is gone it makes me walk very slow the pain feels like a painful shock by the way im now 18 so its been going on for a few years now

    does anybody no what this could be ??
    an how could i get it fixed

    thanks for your help

    • ANSWER:
      Back pain is the third most expensive health problem in the United States after heart disease and cancer (About.com, 2008). Treatments and remedies to relieve back pain are a billion industry in the US alone each year yet there is no "cure" known to alleviate all (if any) symptoms. Follow some basic steps to improve back-health and decrease pain in one of the most vital parts of the human body!

      Things You'll Need:

      Relaxing Music
      Holistic Remedies

      Step 1
      Whether you have a simple strain/sprain, a backache from overuse or a complex diagnosis from a physician, there are several things you can do to help decrease your back pain.

      Step 2
      Stretching: Using passive stretching (no machines or other people needed- only your own body weight and gravity), gently stretch your muscles. If you reach a point that is painful - STOP. Ease back until you feel a gentle stretch.

      Step 3
      Strengthening: This does not necessarily mean you should go lift weights- in fact, it is the opposite. You do not need to weightlift to build strength in your back. Consider walking or riding a bike if possible, or simple home-exercises such as leg lifts and situps. Strengthen your "Core" which includes your abdominal muscles. Core training will help you balance weaknesses and take some strain off your back. Swimming is another great exercise that many back-pain sufferers have used to find relief!

      Step 4
      Posture: Having proper posture will help take strain off your back. Focus on keeping your shoulders back, your back straight, and your knees at an appropriate angle in order to keep pressure off your back while sitting. Improved posture feels good and helps you feel a better balance throughout.

      Step 5
      Ergonomics: Sometimes proper posture can be difficult if you do not have a comfortable work / sitting space. Make sure your lumbar area is supported and your back has adequate support if you need to sit back in your chair. Make sure to stand up every half-hour to stretch or walk around to help prevent stiffness and increased pain.

      Step 6
      Ice / Heat: Don't be afraid to use these two natural ingredients in your health care regimin. Typically the rule of thumb is to use ice up to 72 hours after injury, then use heat as needed. You can alternate ice and heat for 20 minutes each once that 72 hour time-frame has passed.

      Step 7
      Talk to your doctor!: Many times people live with a back injury and wait until the pain is unbearable before consulting medical assistance. If the pain lasts more than a week, try to speak with your doctor to rule out any severe injury.

      Step 8
      Rest: Rest is essential for any back injury. All too often we continue with our daily routine and do not take the time to lay down and allow our back to rest.

      Step 9
      Lose Weight: If you have back pain and have seen a physician for the condition, most likely he or she has told you to lose weight, and with good cause. Excess weight puts pressure on your back and makes the muscles work even harder to remain upright. So focus on fitness and shedding a few pounds and you might just find some pain relief.

      Step 10
      Holistic Remedies: Various treatments such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, aromatherapy, magnetic therapy, acupressure and acupuncture can be very effective methods in treating back pain. Consult a holistic practitioner to discuss your treatment options.

lower back pain remedies stretches